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Monthly Archives: March 2014

T Minus Approximately 122 and Counting…Fast


I did it. I set the date for my book launch party.

July 24

Talk about taking that giant leap of faith. Until now, writing a book, as hard as it was, seemed like a bit of a fairy tale. I was just playing, really. Even as I sent it off for critique after critique among my writerly friends, and went through untold rounds of revision, and even as I sent it off then for its requisite supply of rejections (which felt far more real than any fairy tale I’ve ever known), I still felt somehow like my novel was like a floating soul in the afterlife, drifting on this current here and bouncing along on that air stream there. But when I sat down with my launch party host (the fabulous Kim Henry of University Book Store in Bellevue), it suddenly felt very, very real.

So much to do in four months! So much to do before…

July 24

I had built a long list of to-do’s several months ago, with self-imposed deadlines that gave me some margin for error. But the margin has been swallowed up by those nasty little time gremlins, and now I’m down to the proverbial wire.

When I was young, I watched NASA launch rockets and space shuttles into space. I listened to the T Minus announcements and felt the tension beneath my skin rise as the numbers came closer and closer to zero. I tried to imagine how the astronauts felt as they heard those T Minus calls, knowing they were quickly approaching the most exhilarating, and possibly life shattering, ride of their lives. Even now as I imagine them strapped back into their cockpit seats, I get that rush of adrenaline.

While I don’t suggest a little ol’ book launch is anything akin to a rocket launch, I’m feeling that same sort of adrenaline rush I used to feel on behalf of the astronauts. I’ve strapped myself into my seat and there’s no getting out. My novel, The Damnable Legacy of A Minister’s Wife, will be shot out into the world on

July 24

and one of three things will happen. It’ll skyrocket to the top of the best seller list (least likely, I’m aware), it’ll settle into a comfortable little orbit in the world of books (I’d be delighted with this), or it’ll malfunction and crash-land back down to earth fast (the nightmare we all dread).

Of course, other things will be happening on that fateful day,

July 24

In Frankie’s hometown of Chicago, the Cubs will be going after the San Diego Padres and folks downtown will be listening to Made in Chicago: World Class Jazz at Milennium Park.

In Ryan’s beloved Bend, families will be lazily floating the Deschutes River.

Up around Lynn’s Denali, hikers will be embarking on an Archaeology Citizen Science exploration of early Alaskan cultures. 

And somewhere in the heavens, Beth may very well be witnessing the Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower.

But here in the Seattle area, crowds will hopefully be flocking to the University Book Store in Bellevue for my book launch party, where there will be free food and drinks, raffle prizes, my book, and me.

When? July 24, 2014.

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Chaos Theory and the Snowboarder Effect

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2 Responses to Chaos Theory and the Snowboarder Effect

  1. Gail — you have some good stuff here about the mysterious manner in which fiction happens. I like the way you associate the theories of life, the universe and everything with the real life tragedy and your own work. Got me pondering.

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