7 Days, 7 Books To Give

Seven days left till Christmas and you still have shopping to do?

Have no fear. I am giving you a gift right now: a list of 7 fabulous books you can give to just about anyone, regardless of age, religious persuasion, or reading interest/ability. You may not have heard of some of these, but please trust me. They’re fantastic.


Historical fiction: Four Spirits, Sena Jeter Naslund


A haunting account of the 1963 tragedy in Birmingham, Alabama as seen through a young white woman’s perspective.

Short Story Collection: A Kind of Flying, Ron Carlson


The H Street Sledding Record is worth the price of the entire collection with the way it pings your heart.

Poetry: Good Poems for Hard Times, ed. Garrison Keillor


Once you’ve read Soda Crackers, you’ll agree this is a must on everyone’s bookshelf…even people who “don’t like poetry.”

Memoir: Live Through This, Debra Gwartney


Any parent who wonders why kids do what they do will appreciate this mother’s torment.

Nonfiction: The Tiger ~ A True Story of Vengeance and Survival, John Vaillant


A fascinating story of tigers, poachers, and a Russian ecosystem you never knew existed.

Essays: Meditations, Marcus Aurelius


A very cool dude had a lot of simple, smart things to say way back around AD 180.

Children’s Literature (for Everyone): The House at Pooh Corner, A. A. Milne


Everyone knows a Tigger. Everyone knows an Eeyore. And who wouldn’t want to meet a Heffalump?

Remember: wherever you go…someone will always be ready to read a good book, and there’s no shortage of good books out there. Happy shopping. Happy holidays. Happy reading!

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