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How to Cultivate Gratitude

I’m trying to cultivate gratitude. And I’ve discovered it’s a bigger task than I’d initially thought, especially with so many complications all around. What’s so difficult about it? Being grateful sounds so easy, but the more I think about all the minutes in each day that I’m not mindfully feeling that way, the more difficult… Continue Reading

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Judith Works: 8 Great Reads Set in Italy

Judith Works knows Italy, so as part of my new guest blog series about best books, I asked her to send me her recommendations for books set there. Whether you’re planning a trip to this land of wine, food, and romance or just want to travel there from your comfy armchair, you should check these… Continue Reading

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Kay Vreeland’s 8 Favorite Reads from 2016

I met Kay Vreeland, a fellow writer and avid reader, through my now-defunct publisher. Although she didn’t work directly with my books, she helped a number of authors bring their books into the light of day and she served as a fantastic cheerleader for the rest of us. When Kay read my recent blog listing… Continue Reading

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8 Fascinating Reads From 2016

It’s that time of year again. Time to share my list of great reads from 2016! Mind you, this list includes only those books that were published in 2016 that I’ve already read and can recommend. Of course, whether or not you’ll enjoy them depends on your mood and what you’re looking for. Beware, some… Continue Reading

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    • I’ll be interested in hearing what you think about them. Strout and Erdrich are two of my favorites.

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Myths About The First Thanksgiving

True or false: the first Thanksgiving was a hospitable, cooperative harvest celebration among the Pilgrims and the American Indians. Answer: we don’t really know for sure; that’s probably partly true and partly false. What we do know is that the idyllic image we teach our school-aged children is at best incomplete and probably quite wrong. The… Continue Reading

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