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Saving the Earth, One by One

The election is over, and a new future is about to be ushered in. I don’t usually write publicly about political matters, and I promise not to address the myriad topics I could in this blog as a result of what happened on election day. But there’s one topic I’d been planning to write about, even… Continue Reading

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Frankenstein Monsters, Then and Now

October is monster month! TVs are streaming monster movies like The Fly and The Mummy, and little costumed monsters will soon run amok looking for tasty treats. It’s a great month to read some classic monster literature, like Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Or the one I read recently:… Continue Reading

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A Valuable Lesson From a Difficult Conversation

I recently facilitated a wellness writing workshop from which I learned a valuable lesson about difficult conversations. Wellness workshops, as I define them, are sessions in which we focus on the self with a goal of exploration, discovery, and personal growth. We read poems and quotes, talk about selected topics, and then experiment with various… Continue Reading

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  1. As an old speech teacher, my choice in such a workshop, were I ever to teach one, would be to make sure that oral sharing had a time limit that I rigorously enforced so that everyone had an “objective standard” for the amount of sharing. Such a time limit could even be modeled by teacher and could be imposed by two or three students with their phones so that everyone saw that the timing was fair.

    I had the experience, some weeks ago, of going to a writing workshop in which the teacher said, “please take one or two sentences to share something about yourselves” and the introductions still wound up taking 45 minutes of a two-hour workshop. I was sooooooo ticked off! Fortunately, the workshop was free so I was getting what I paid for. Had the “teacher” imposed time limits seriously, the intros might have lasted 15 minutes tops.

  2. What a brave warrior you are! Sometimes you just cannot control what is going to happen! I think there is no way of knowing if the one woman would have stayed, but it was OK for her to go. She must have needed some space, and it may have nothing to do with what anyone did or didn’t do. When faced with a difficult situation there are always thoughts about what we could have done differently, right?

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Why We Should All Be Posting Product Reviews

I’ve received at least a half dozen requests to post a review in the past two weeks. It used to be that, when I’d receive such a request, my lazy, selfish, good-for-nothing brain would come up with at least a half dozen reasons why I shouldn’t stop what I was doing and write a review. 1.… Continue Reading

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  1. Gail: this is a wonderful blog post that will never outlive it’s usefulness. If you don’t mind, I will link to your site from mine after it is updated professionally. What a great service you’ve done to your fellow writers, as well as diners and users of all manner of products. I just wrote a Zapoos review and I DO use reviews all the time. I’ve written scores of reviews for Trip Advisor and use it regularly. One added note: one needn’t use the actual name. You can create an on-line handle. I did.

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Loving My Literary Community

  When I was working on my MFA at Pacific University years ago, I attended a talk offered by author Valerie Miner who stressed the importance of literary community. One of my takeaways back then was that we writers should be busy reviewing each other’s manuscripts, participating as judges in writing contests, and writing book… Continue Reading

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