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Book Review – Barkskins

Should you read Annie Proulx’s latest epic novel, Barkskins? Maybe. Maybe not. I normally reserve the first Monday of each month to blog about a nonfiction book, but Barkskins is so replete with fact and history that I decided it was close enough to nonfiction to qualify. Besides, today’s Tuesday. If you’re concerned about the… Continue Reading

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Christine Z. Mason: 8 Favorite Literary Mysteries

I would never have predicted I’d build a friendship with someone based on criticism, but that’s exactly how Christine Z. Mason and I became friends. Several years ago, I joined an online writing critique group to which I’d submit my work for constructive feedback. Other members did the same thing. Christine was one of those… Continue Reading

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  1. As a devoted mystery reader, this post on literary mysteries was a discovery and a delight–I’ve only read two of the entries! I love the format here, and while all the comments are apt and engaging, I was especially glad for Christine’s take on Kate Atkinson’s Case Histories–a book and an author I’d avoided after reading one thing. Now going back!

    • Glad to hear this list offered some new reading ideas for you. My to-read list keeps growing faster than I can read. Not a bad problem to have, though. Especially on cold, damp, wintry days.

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Book Review – Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging

The January 2017 Women’s March and other protests happening lately have demonstrated how important a tribe can be. The jury might still be out on the overall impact of the recent gatherings, but history has proven time and again that, in working together, organized groups get shit done for the greater good. And while they… Continue Reading

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Judith Works: 8 Great Reads Set in Italy

Judith Works knows Italy, so as part of my new guest blog series about best books, I asked her to send me her recommendations for books set there. Whether you’re planning a trip to this land of wine, food, and romance or just want to travel there from your comfy armchair, you should check these… Continue Reading

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