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Book Review: When Breath Becomes Air

It’s that time of year when many of us are making resolutions and wondering if we’re going to be able to keep them—and calculating what the consequences will be if we don’t. Back in ancient Babylonian times, if a person didn’t keep his promise to repay his debts, he would fall out of favor with… Continue Reading

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  1. Happy to read your review … have come so close to reading this book, but actually a bit scared to. It’s on Powell’s Presidential Reading List for the outgoing president! = Katy in Seattle was the blurb writer: “I think President Obama would enjoy this beautifully written memoir. Deep and expansive, it leaves the reader contemplating legacy, fairness, and what we can’t control.” I may again get brave enough to read it, but still glad for this review!!

    • What’s cool about this book is that everyone seems to get something different out of it. Don’t be frightened by it!

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Book Review: The Lake House

In the last month, I’ve read a novel about two Italian friends, a mystery about a missing baby, and a drug addict’s memoir (not to mention an essay featuring an uninvited visit by male genitalia). Which led me to wonder what I should write about in my March 2016 book review. The Lake House by… Continue Reading

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Book Review: The Likeness

I recently read Tana French’s novel The Likeness in my attempt to catch up to her.  She’s been cranking out mysteries every other year since 2008, which means she’s due to publish another installment of the Dublin Murder Squad soon, and I’ve got three more books to read before that one. Each of the books… Continue Reading

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Book Review: The Bitch in the House

I remember when The Bitch in the House was first published. I had three energetic boys in our house, ages six to ten, and I didn’t have much energy to read about other bitches at the end of the day. We had recently moved for the fifth or so time in the last ten years,… Continue Reading

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Book Review: The Boys in the Boat

I was late getting around to reading The Boys in the Boat, and now I’m late writing my #Mondayblog about it. There’s a reason for my tardiness: I suspected the book would raise a difficult question for me. And it did. My initial question, when Everyone (and I mean Everyone, including my husband) said I… Continue Reading

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