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How to Cultivate Gratitude

I’m trying to cultivate gratitude. And I’ve discovered it’s a bigger task than I’d initially thought, especially with so many complications all around. What’s so difficult about it? Being grateful sounds so easy, but the more I think about all the minutes in each day that I’m not mindfully feeling that way, the more difficult… Continue Reading

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Gratitude Challenge: 100 Things To Be Grateful For

I challenged myself to come up with 100 random things and experiences I’m grateful for. It was a fun exercise to realize how much I take for granted. (I didn’t time myself, but it took less than an hour to realize how many things I’m grateful for–a worthwhile investment IMHO. Of course I could go on, and on…)… Continue Reading

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Our Eyes: Windows Into Our Souls

It has been said the eyes are the windows to our souls, and writers accordingly pay close attention to what a character does with her eyes. Unfortunately, emerging writers often rely too much on the standard look/glance/gaze between characters to convey thought, desire, and emotion. As I prepared for a writing workshop at the fabulous… Continue Reading

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A Valuable Lesson From a Difficult Conversation

I recently facilitated a wellness writing workshop from which I learned a valuable lesson about difficult conversations. Wellness workshops, as I define them, are sessions in which we focus on the self with a goal of exploration, discovery, and personal growth. We read poems and quotes, talk about selected topics, and then experiment with various… Continue Reading

2 Responses to A Valuable Lesson From a Difficult Conversation

  1. As an old speech teacher, my choice in such a workshop, were I ever to teach one, would be to make sure that oral sharing had a time limit that I rigorously enforced so that everyone had an “objective standard” for the amount of sharing. Such a time limit could even be modeled by teacher and could be imposed by two or three students with their phones so that everyone saw that the timing was fair.

    I had the experience, some weeks ago, of going to a writing workshop in which the teacher said, “please take one or two sentences to share something about yourselves” and the introductions still wound up taking 45 minutes of a two-hour workshop. I was sooooooo ticked off! Fortunately, the workshop was free so I was getting what I paid for. Had the “teacher” imposed time limits seriously, the intros might have lasted 15 minutes tops.

  2. What a brave warrior you are! Sometimes you just cannot control what is going to happen! I think there is no way of knowing if the one woman would have stayed, but it was OK for her to go. She must have needed some space, and it may have nothing to do with what anyone did or didn’t do. When faced with a difficult situation there are always thoughts about what we could have done differently, right?

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