A Partial List of Cool Eco-Friendly Companies

Cleaning products

Seventh Generation – Uses sustainable practices, developed green products in industry typically chemically heavy.

Method – Premium non-toxic, eco-chic home, fabric, and personal care products; offers an ocean plastic dish and hand soap; soaps are biodegradable; uses wind energy.


Adidas – The Adidas x Parley running shoe is made from recovered ocean plastic.

Freedom of Animals – Combines sustainability and cruelty-free luxury in their collection of bags.

Nike – Enforces strict emission standards at all factories, offers green soccer shoes, offers apps for designers to make green choices, uses post-consumer recycled materials in some of its products. Partners with NASA to spark green innovation.

Patagonia – Donates percentage of sales to environmental groups, conducts business in LEED-certified facilities, encourages employees to volunteer with environmental nonprofits, encourages customers to buy clothing second-hand and repair products rather than replacing them.  Uses sustainable and recycled products in manufacturing (natural rubber in wetsuits, plastic bottles in parkas), is politically active on environmental issues.

Raw for the Oceans – Pharrell Williams’s G-Star RAW clothing line recycles plastics found at the shoreline into wearable clothing.

Food and beverage

Clif Bar – Committed to sustainable agriculture, zero waste, reducing its climate footprint, and conserving natural resources

New Belgium Brewing – Diverts 99.8% of waste from landfills, encourages employees and consumers to bike rather than drive, outspoken advocate for climate change

Office products

New Leaf Paper – produces environmentally-friendly printing and office papers.

Personal care

Sustain Condoms – made from fair-trade rubber harvested, free of carcinogenic nitrosamines pervasive in other brands. Uses recycled and biodegradable packaging. Factory is solar powered and water efficient. Donates 10% of profits to women’s reproductive health organizations.

Pet Products

West Paw Design – manufactures eco-friendly dog toys, mats and beds

Toilet Paper

Earth Essentials, Seventh Generation, Green Forest, Marcal, Trader Joe’s, and 365 from Whole Foods use post-consumer materials and process without harmful chlorine.

Miscellaneous consumer products

Johnson & Johnson – Uses more than half of its energy from clean sources including solar power