Don’t Be Late to the Party

It’s one thing to be fashionably late to a party.anchorman-2004--02

But it’s another thing to miss it altogether, and that’s what I’ve been doing when it comes to Facebook parties. Until recently, I had never heard of one. Have you?

Turns out, Facebook parties have been around for a few years. They’re especially big in direct marketing businesses, Tupperware-style organizations, and, to my surprise, in the book world.

When I was first invited to an author’s Facebook launch party, I confess I (silently) groaned. It sounded rather dull and boring, but I went to the party anyway. And, to my surprise, I found it to be quite fun! And it was also quite unlike normal parties, where it’s uncomfortable for me to walk in when I don’t know anyone.

But on Facebook it’s easy. I recommend it! In fact, I discovered there are several other reasons to attend a Facebook party besides the fact that I can hide my awkward introversion behind my laptop.



1. They’re free–for the host and the attendee. The host might wind up handing out party favors, but she certainly doesn’t have to pay for venue rental, food, or alcohol. As for the attendee, no need for a new party dress or valet parking or a hostess gift. Leave your wallet at home! (One caveat: there’s no free beer or wine at a Facebook party: It’s definitely BYO.)


2. There’s room for everyone–no space restrictions. No bumping into people or worries someone will spill his red wine on your white sweater. Nobody with stale beer breath leaning into your space. No lines for the bathroom, either!

3. They’re time insensitive–your friends out East or on the other side of the pond can meet you there. Just be sure you know which time zone the party is located in. I’d hate to see you miss out on the fun!

flo-pajama4. You can wear your pajamas and skip the mascara. No video chat required. A true come-as-you-are event.

5. They’re fun! You get to meet new people risk-free and play games and maybe even win prizes.




So, here’s the deal: I was convinced I should plan my own Facebook party to celebrate the re-launch of my novel with its updated cover and shortened title. And you’re invited!

I hope you drop by, because–in my mind–this isn’t just a shout out about the book (or me). I like to think of it as opportunity to thank my fans and other supporters with an easy, no-strings-attached, no-pressure celebration. Whether you can come for 5 minutes or for the full 2 hours is up to you, but be sure to say hello when you arrive.

What?             Facebook Party for the Re-launch of The Damnable Legacy

When?            Tuesday, July 28, 2015, 5-7pm Pacific time

Where?          On my Facebook party page!

Why?              To have fun! We’ll be playing a trivia game, and other games, about The Damnable Legacy. There will be prizes (you don’t have to read the book to play or win). You can ask me serious or embarrassing questions, which I may or may not answer. We can gossip! Or we can just chat about whatever we feel like. Cool, huh?

If you can RSVP via the party page URL, that would be awesome. But even if you don’t get a chance to do that, you’re welcome to drop on by–even if you are fashionably late.TDL invite





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