A Short Interview with Yours Truly

be-true-to-yourselfFellow dog lover and writer Andrea Murray posted her interview with yours truly this week.

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2 Responses to A Short Interview with Yours Truly

  1. The tone of this interview was so open and friendly and not like a mini-lecture so it was a pleasure to read and felt like a chat, but revealing! I like knowing you didn’t like your protagonist but kept he character in the novel, and that Frankie was such a success as a character (hard writing a new teen, I bet!). “Nature and relationships” as your inspiration opened a big door and my absolute favorite remark is “You’re not done until you understand what the reader’s takeaway will be.” Takeaway here? I cannot wait for the next book … I have a better feel for the books by getting to know the author!

    • Thanks for your comment, Kay. Good to know I stayed clear of the mini-lecture, a trap I sometimes fall into but avoid when possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to clue you in on more next-novel news in the coming weeks.

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