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Women on the Brink: Stories

Have you ever run away? Or have you ever thought about it? This October, you’ll be able to run away vicariously through G. Elizabeth Kretchmer’s new short story collection, in which protagonists aged 13 to 90 find a chance to start over. BRINK-Cover-Final-72dpiAn at-risk teen runs away from her drug-addicted mother. An Alaskan bush pilot feels smothered by motherhood. A former zookeeper escapes from her abusive husband. An affluent woman tires of her perfect, boring, life. An elderly woman announces her plans to check out for good. At times heartwarming and at other times heart wrenching, these stories cross generational, demographic, and socioeconomic lines as they address such present-day issues as sex trafficking, domestic violence, and aging parents and, in so doing, they demonstrate not only that women of all backgrounds must find balance between cowardice and courage but that the decision to run away is sometimes the most difficult, but wisest, choice of all.


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The second edition of The Damnable Legacy is now available!


The newest edition, published by Booktrope, has a shortened title: The Damnable Legacy. The cover also got a makeover!

A mid-life mountaineer regrets the decision she made thirty years ago to place her daughter for adoption. The biological granddaughter she’s never known desperately searches for a safe and loving home. And a minister’s wife with terminal cancer  designs a plan to bring them together. Set largely against Alaska’s unforgiving landscape and narrated from beyond the grave, G. Elizabeth Kretchmer’s debut novel is about love and survival, exploring the importance of attachment, place, and faith and asking the question of how far we should go to achieve our goals and at what cost.



“THE DAMNABLE LEGACY  is equal parts nail-biting adventure, love story, and family drama, and an entirely engaging read.” ~IndieReader.



Frankenstein Monsters, Then and Now

October is monster month! TVs are streaming monster movies like The Fly and The Mummy, and little costumed monsters will soon run amok looking for tasty treats. It’s a great month to read some classic monster literature, like Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Or the one I read recently:… Continue Reading