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Alternating between contemporary and historical times, Bear Medicine is a story about women helping women in a complicated, male-dominated world.

When Brooke sets off on a trail in Yellowstone National Park to train for an upcoming marathon, she is savagely attacked by a grizzly bear. One hundred forty years earlier, Anne accompanies her husband on a camping trip in the nation’s first national park and awakens one morning to find he’s been captured by Nez Perce warriors. Both women encounter a sacred but savage landscape. Both fall under the care of American Indian women. Ultimately, Brooke and Anne will need to overcome multiple obstacles, with the help of their new friends and native lore, to find what she seeks.


What readers are saying:

A high adventure, barn storming, window rattling, feminist novel for people who want some reading excitement while fighting the patriarchy!” 
“A very moving story centered on the message that women create sanctuaries for one another of trust, understanding, compassion and healing.”the author takes you on an adventure to the ‘Wild West’ that includes the wild ways of humans in the 1800s, and wild animals that exist today.
An adventure to the ‘Wild West’ that includes the wild ways of humans [and] wild animals.”

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